Trisha Talbot Educates AZRE About the Real Estate Needs for Micro-Hospitals

Micro-hospitals are an excellent way to serve people flocking to outlying areas who don’t want to travel for medical services. Writing about how micro-hospitals are shaking up the Valley’s healthcare industry, AZRE turned to Trisha Talbot for insight into the land needed and types of care provided.

Explaining that the high cost of tenant improvements eliminates leasing as an option, Trisha recommended owners purchase three-to-five acres. Because they provide aid quickly and offer transparent pricing, she believes they are a facet of commercial real estate sector that will remain strong.

Trisha is widely lauded for her expertise, leadership and performance, consistently ranking among the state’s top commercial real estate brokers for more than a decade. With 20 years of experience putting together healthcare real estate deals, she helps healthcare practices maximize the economic benefit of owning real estate and devising strategies that best serve their care delivery models.

Read the AZRE article starting on page 40 here.

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