Trisha Talbot’s Phoenix Business Journal Article Highlights How Sale-Leasebacks Help Business Owners Maximize Returns

Business owners who own their own buildings can maximize returns by exiting at the height of the real estate cycle. Writing for Phoenix Business Journal, Trisha Talbot shared three ways to make the most of an office building sale.

Trisha suggests implementing a sale-leaseback, which provides businesses with cash while allowing them to stay in the building — a move that is especially beneficial to healthcare providers and owners who plan to retire within 10 years. Explaining how sale-leasebacks enable business owners to favorably counter short-term market uncertainty as well as reap long-term benefits, she highlighted how to defer capital gains with a 1031 exchange and negotiate favorable lease terms.

With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare real estate, Trisha helps clinicians and investors identify income-producing healthcare properties and increase profits. She is widely lauded for her expertise, leadership and performance, consistently ranking among the state’s top commercial real estate brokers for more than a decade.

Read the full article here.

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